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TestCandidates.com offerss self-administered numerical and verbal psychometric reasoning tests to employers looking to compare their job applicants. Our aim is to deliver simple affordable psychometric testing solutions to businesses such as yours.

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Group recruiting projects by various criteria and easily compare candidates against each other and vs others who sat the test.

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About the tests


Numerical reasoning tests demonstrate a candidate’s ability to deal with numerical data quickly and accurately under time pressure. Our tests assess numerical competencies including calculation of ratios, percentages, data interpretation and currency calculations.

Easily assess your candidates numerical literacy and view their results in a way you can quickly and easily interpret and compare vs others.

Developed by chartered occupational psychologists, who have previously worked for some of the major test publishers our numerical reasoning tests are high quality and offer significant savings vs other psychometric testing providers.


Verbal reasoning tests assess a candidate’s comprehension skills through the presentation of a short passage to text and a requirement to provide a ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘cannot say’ response to statements relating to the passage. Candidates a required to use only information presented in the passage to answer the questions.

Developed by chartered occupational psychologists our verbal reasoning tests assess key comprehension skills which are essential to the everyday working environment.The test lasts 15 minutes and candidates are required to answer 15 questions in that time.

Quickly and easily compare your candidate’s performance against others applying for your organisation and vs others who have sat the test.


Logical reasoning tests are also known as diagrammatic, abstract or inductive reasoning tests. The test has been designed to assess how well a candidate is able to analyse a variety of logical information and use this information to establish missing concepts within a pattern or sequence. The images and symbols vary across questions and there are a variety of different activities that the candidate is asked to undertake but the underlying construct measured relates to logical/abstract reasoning and problem solving. Candidates have 22 minutes to complete 15 questions and they must complete it in one sitting.