Is your organisation considering hiring graduates? If so, you aren’t alone. An increasing number of businesses are choosing to take advantages of the great opportunities offered by employing from the graduate pool. These benefits include the fact that they are fast-learning, can bring new perspectives to your business, are ready to mould and are a proven return on your investment.

Undoubtedly you will want to ensure that your company gets the best graduates possible, so how do you go about securing the top talent? The following six-step strategy is designed specifically to help managers and top line personnel to understanding graduate employment preferences and the ever-evolving expectations of this niche pool of promising talent.

Get to know them better

These days, a resume, tests and interviews are just one aspect of the hiring process. To get the best from your employees you need to know what makes them tick, and this means getting to know them beyond the ‘best behaviour’ shown to you through their application. Use your research skills to find out more about any professional or personal interests. More often than not, these areas will provide graduates with skills they may have missed-off their resume, but that could indicate where they could excel professionally.

What’s trending?

No, we aren’t talking about hashtags on Twitter. What we are referring to is the things that matter to the current generations. While Baby Boomers protested about the Vietnam War and challenged social norms, younger generations such as Millennials and Gen Z are all about technology and the opportunities it brings, both in business and their personal lives.

Put yourself in their shoes

There is no better way to understand graduates than to put yourself in their shoes. Perhaps surprisingly, new graduates aren’t only motivated by money. Many are also heavily guided by their moral compass and want to work for a business that has a positive impact – be that environmentally, socially or otherwise. They want to know what the organisation stands for and what they will be bringing to the table in their potential new role.

Another positive effect of gaining a better understanding of graduates is that it introduces you to their style of thinking, and this could help you portray your company’s image in a more modern and relevant way.


Engage them by making your company relevant to them

There’s that word again – relevant. To be noticed by graduates, you need to make your organisation relevant to them, and to do this you need to get in their eye line. This means creating online content that appeals to them. Think blog posts on the importance of employee personal and professional growth, and YouTube videos on how your organisation gives back to the community. Social media is your most valuable tool when it comes to getting noticed by graduates, and if you do it right, they will ‘follow’ everything that your business does.

Be Accessible

More websites are now loaded on smartphone and tablets than on desktop computers, a clear nod to the fast-pace of the modern world, where everyone lives life in a perpetual state of motion. Your organisation needs to have a presence that is accessible at any time, from any device.

Offer them the best conditions

This is a tried and tested recruitment method that still produces outstanding results. Just bear in mind what young graduates are looking for from their work-life balance: greater flexibility, more free time, paid holidays and the ability to work from home are just some of the benefits that are potentially more attractive to graduates than just a decent remuneration package.

Fresh graduates bring creativity, originality and a modern perspective that can benefit any business. An investment in young talent is a clear investment in the future of your organisation. Don’t let yours get left behind.