We operate a pay as you go credit system. You purchase credits and these enable you to select and administer tests. We do not charge any sign up fees and there are no monthly retainer fees. We believe in simple transparent pricing. Each test costs one credit. See below for our pricing plan:

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Our tests have been professionally developed with charted occupational psychologists many of whom have worked for the major test publishers.

We have collected over 3 million anonymous test results across a range of test types and have used this anonymous data to develop an easy to use and affordable testing solution.

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Key benefits of our candidate assessment tools:

Easy to use testing platform with your own personalised results dashboard.

Once you’ve registered, send your first test within 5 minutes.

It’s free to register – no joining fees.

Pay as you go. No monthly fees or retainers.

“We used the numerical testing on for our Finance Graduate Scheme this year to work alongside our telephone interviews. Competency and personality are really important for us but we also wanted to ensure our candidates had excellent numeracy skills. Previous platforms we had used had been more expensive, time consuming and required much greater in depth analysis – which takes a long time for a small team. was just what we needed – it was really easy to send candidates the link to complete and obvious to see at glance how the candidates compared. And it was also great value for money!”

Suzie H. Cancer Research UK

Further benefits:

We don’t charge you for someone to interpret your candidate’s results – ultimately you want to compare their performance against each other we offer a simple and effective way to do this.

Relevant. Traditional psychometric tests compare performance vs ‘norm groups’. Since every company and role is different we believe the most relevant comparison should be vs others applying for the same role, this is the primary focus of our assessments.

Fast. Our tests are self-administered which means you can log in and send out tests to candidates in just a few clicks. No need to wait for lengthy consultations or pay for interpretation of results. Candidate results are emailed straight back to you once they complete the test and you can compare your candidate’s scores against each other.

You save through our scale. We have operated our practice psychometric test websites since 2011, where we have thousands of visitors every day and our data has been refined through millions of tests being taken. This allows you to benchmark your candidates scores effectively.

Make decision making easier. Comparing candidates can be difficult especially after spending just a few hours with someone in an interview environment. Our tools can help you make hiring decisions and give you more confidence in your choices. It is important to remember that reasoning tests should be used in conjunction with other information and not exclusively.

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