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We apply the perfect blend of specialist expertise and commerciality to ensure that we create the perfect assessment solution to meet your specific hiring needs.

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What services do we offer?

Find out below what bespoke assessment solutions we can design for you.

Assessment Centres

If you are looking to hold an assessment day to test candidates in live simulation exercises we offer the following services to help:

Off the Shelf

Our most popular service gives you access to tried and tested quality assessment day exercises, chosen to meet your needs. We listen to your requirements and search the market to find the most suitable assessment match and create a bespoke scoring guide for your selection criteria to ensure that you can make the best hiring decisions.

Bespoke Exercises

If you are looking for something that is tailored for you, we also create assessment exercises either to work insolation or to complement an existing suite. These could include:

  • Group Exercises – testing candidates ability to interact and work together
  • Role Plays – putting candidates in real life work scenarios
  • Presentations – assessing verbal communication and impact
  • In Tray / Written Exercises / Case Studies – assessing live comprehension and decision making skills
  • Interviews – an opportunity for testing dialogue between an assessor and a candidate

‘Day in the Life’ – Immersive Role Simulation

If you want to:

  • Maximise quality hiring decisions by testing candidates in the most ‘real-life’ environment possible
  • Test candidate fit into your office culture and ways of working
  • Allow candidates to self-select by giving them true insight into the role and values that your organisation represents

Our ‘Day in the Life’ assessments are immersive experiences based on linked exercises that create an evolving experience for candidates to simulates a role and organisation - testing candidates in the most comprehensive way possible.

Candidates are presented with a folder of information and a calendar with ‘exercises’ clearly marked. They are then responsible for managing their time to achieve goals, make decisions and make it to meetings just like in the role itself. New information lands periodically which also tests candidates’ resilience and ability to adapt.

Competencies and Role Profiling

Competency frameworks are the combination of behaviour, skills, knowledge and attitude that are key to success in a role, and therefore form the foundation to successful selection processes.

We can work with you to design a competency framework and associated role profiles that are tailored to your organisation and roles to set you up for hiring success now and in the future.

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Bespoke Situational Judgement Tests

Time: 20 minutes

Questions: 8 - 12

Level: Graduate, Customer Facing & Administrative

Test format:

We offer a bespoke test writing service with Situational Judgement tests tailored to your specific organisation & role.

Situational Judgement tests assess how candidates approach typical workplace scenarios.

Bespoke Situational Judgement tests offer an assessment solution which is more predictive of job success. This is because each test is tailored to the specific attributes identified as being key for successful candidates & employees. Key competencies are identified & a bespoke test is created targeting those competencies. Typical examples of key competencies include:

  1. Communicating and influencing
  2. Building relationships
  3. Customer focus
  4. Team work
  5. Ability to prioritise & organise

Suitable for our clients who are seeking to assess a high volume of candidates.


Please note these are for demonstration purposes only:

See Bespoke Situational Judgement example test here.

Why do employers use them?

Situational Judgement Tests are designed to assess a candidate's response to typical workplace scenarios. Creating a bespoke test specific to a role involves an initial consultation which identifies core competencies required of successful candidates. Creating a test in this way increases the validity of the test i.e. it's effectiveness as a predictor of future job performance.

Successful candidates:

Candidates who exhibit behaviours that indicate they have the key skills & attributes required to excel in a particular role perform best. Situational Judgement tests are popular because while there are not 'correct' or 'incorrect' answers candidate behaviours can be identified early in a recruitment process. Candidate engagement levels with this type of assessment are also typically high.

How are the tests delivered?

Team Profiling

Call us to dicuss the role you are hirning for and tell us about your organisation

Bespoke Solution Created

We design a bespoke assessment solution based on your requirements

Assessment delivery

We deliver the assessment solution to you and offer administration solutions e.g. online or offline assessment access for your candidates