About the tests


In order to benchmark performance, comparison data has been collected from other job applicants who have previously used the test as practice for their employment assessments.  This has enabled us to collect a database of over 3 million test results and from this we were able to develop our candidate comparison tool.  With our numerical reasoning tests you can:

– Compare your own candidates against each other.

– Compare candidate performance vs others who sat the test in a practice test environment.



– We have been collecting data from our practice psychometric test website since 2011.  In that time we’ve collected over 3 million test results.

– All our test material has been developed with charted occupational psychologists many of whom have worked for the major test publishers.

– We’ve taken those tests and the data we’ve collected and taken a new leaner approach to psychometric testing.  We’ve simplified the process of assessing candidates and made it more accessible for small and medium sized businesses.


– We have a team of experienced developers who have developed a simplified testing platform where you can quickly and easily administer psychometric tests in just a few clicks.

– We offer clients their own personalised dashboard where you can:

– Send tests directly to your candidate’s inbox via email.

– Choose whether candidates take the tests remotely or in your office.

– Log into your dashboard any time to review current and previous candidate performance, helping you compare performance.

– With our own dedicated UK server you can access your dashboard and send tests 24/7 and don’t need to worry about website down time.